Friday, January 23, 2009

Terrierman blogged: No Tolerance for Diversity

My Comment:

Terrierman starts this one out with: "The American Kennel Club has very little tolerance for diversity. The goal of conformation, after all is to conform."

Well, it would seem Terrierman wants us all to conform and do like he does, work your dogs, hang dead animals over your car and take pictures of them. Not sounding too appealing?

There is a saying "different stokes for different folks". For some reason we have some folk like Terrierman and others who want to control or limit what others do with their dogs. Some of them want to impose hunting and work trial certification before a dog is permitted to have a litter.

What these people don't seem to get is that many people do not have access to such activities and/or are not interested or even physically able to take their dogs to such events for various reasons. And why should they? Does a working title mean that dog is healthier than another without a working title? Of course not! Does a working title mean a dog won't develop cancer or a breed-specific genetic disease? Obviously not.

It's fine if Terrierman wants to encourage dog owners to get their dogs involved in working activities but not at the belittlement of those who do not.

That's showing a clear lack of tolerance and an extreme insistence on conformity in and of itself; exactly what Terrierman is accusing the AKC of.

Different strokes for different folks, Terrierman.

You can hang all the dead animals you want on your car.

Many of us find that offensive but we support your civil right to do so.

Dog show exhibitors and dog breeders have civil right too.

You may find dog showing and breeding to be offensive but it does not give you the right to rail against us.

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