Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Terrierman blogged: Dog Food for Deformed Dogs

My Comment:

Oh come on Terrierman! Euthanize all Pugs because a dog food company has made a specially shaped kibble for them? Get real! Pugs have been eating the same dog food as other dogs for a very long time now, and they obviously have no problem eating it. Have you ever seen an undernourished Pug because it couldn't eat regular kibble? Even the picture you included in this blog entry shows a very plump and happy Pug. Smarten up or we may have to start calling you TerrierTwit.

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  1. Terrierman didn't want this posted on this article:

    "I'm truly shocked by this.

    You, Patrick, of all people. Buying into fear mongering bigotry. After all you did to expose that Basset issue.

    If you really did read the CDC's report, I'm surprised you still cite it. Maybe this article will help: also uses Merritt Clifton's study, which is so absurd it's mind boggling.

    You've lose one reader with this post. Toodles."

    How fun.

  2. I, very unfortunately, bumped into this chap lately. What an utter coward. Here's how it went